Friday, February 25, 2011

Sweet Friday Finds

An other friday, an other week of finds! I bring you some more lovely vintage finds, from my favourites on Etsy.. Maybe you'll discover something you didn't know you needed, I do all the time;)

I love'em all, but I especially love the stool and the juice machine! But how the h*** to get them shipped to Norway? It would probably cost more than it taste.. *Argh* I hate to say it, but I know my bank account would most definitely be better off with that cute, little apron... Which one is your favourite?

Happy Jolly Friday everyone!!;)



  1. I like the portable speakers and the juicer.

  2. Hoho, den krakken var fantastisk morsom :D
    Noe sånt skulle man hatt til sminkebordet!

  3. The portable speakers are really great, Bluezy:) Mmmmm want that stool... *droooool* I think it has a great shape and design to it. It would be really nice to have it by a dressing table, like you say Miss Margarita. Or maybe in the living room, as an extra seat and whimsical furniture!

  4. thanks for including my canister and juicer!

  5. No problem, love your stuff!!;)


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