Sunday, February 27, 2011

Wedding Anniversary

Today it's off to Copenhagen, the capitol of Denmark. To celebrate our two years of marriage on Monday! We're doing a Kate and Leo, hopefully without the shipwreck.. We're taking the boat over and staying a day, before we're heading home again. I have booked table at a cozy, old style lunch restaurant, by the canal. We're aiming for the danish Smørrebrød and their fantastic beer!

It's the first time for my love on a boat this size and also in Copenhagen. As most norwegians, I've been there a few times and also taken the boat plenty of times. We're both excited to get away for a few days, see something new and get some new impressions;)

Ship o'hoi & hurray for love!! <3



From our wedding day


  1. Happy Anniversary! It is amazing how going to another exciting country is a hop and a skip away. Have fun! I know only one thing in Danish because of a foreign exchange student when I was in high school, Lotte, but it is naughty.

  2. Gratulerer med bryllipsdagen, pene mennesker! :)
    Og riktig god tur, kos dere masse!

  3. Thank you so much guys!!!:))) We had an amazing trip! Copenhagen is a wonderful city, that I don't think I'll ever get tiered of..

    Haha very true Bluezy, the rest of the world is a tiny bit closer here in Europe.. Smaller countries and all of that:) While I guess you can just travel to an other state, to get somewhat the same feeling? Funny how it's always the foreign naughty words that tend to stick to the brain;)


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