Thursday, February 3, 2011

Vintage Horror Posters

I'm a true sucker for old vintage adds and movie posters and are dreaming about having a small collection of my favourite genre, vintage horror poster, on the wall in our future bigger appartment..

In the menawhile, I bring to you a collection of spooktacular vintage horror and sci-fi movie posters, that I keep on my computer!! All with the unbeatable mix of beautiful, pinupish women and monsters.. Something about them that I'll never get tiered of;)

What do you think? Do you have any favourite poster art?












  1. I love vintage movie posters of all kinds, but horror and sci fi are my favourites. If I had to pick just one, I might have to go with Forbidden Planet. Love that robot . . .

  2. I love movie posters. I did my kids room in Ghostbusters. I had Tron over my computer in '89.
    The scariest movie when I was young was "The Thing That Could Not Die". It gave me nightmares. Later in life I had the opportunity to see it again. OMG I wonder why I was scared? The dead head speaking? Another one was "My Husband Is An Alien". It scared me when I was a kid because when the aliens went in the bodies they used it up until they died. The image of them dropping dead scared me for some reason.

    I recently did a blog post called "Blog on Blob" and linked all the Blob movies as a suggestion for a boring winter day project-Blobathon! There ARE 3 of them.

    With Ann Francis' recent death, I watched Forbidden Planet again.

    I have a GIMP (like photoshop) project planned making postage stamps of b/w movie stars that smoke. I am calling it the Smoker Collection. I did a series called The Madonna Collection. On deviantART. It is a hobby. I will link you when I finish it.
    Still collecting images.

  3. Så stilige! Det er helt fantastisk hvor sterk horrorstilen både er og har vært :D

  4. HS:Forbidden Planet is very cool, I love the chubby looking robot..:)

    B: I will have to check out the Blob movies, I remember I saw at least one of them as a kid and thought it was quite awsome:) A blobathon would've been something.. Why not a vintage horror movie marathon! It's some of the vintage horror movies that I haven't seen for years, I would love to see again.. Like The Night Of The Living Dead and The Blob. Your photo project sounds very interesting, please do link it when your done, I would love to see it;)

    MM: Ikke sant!!

  5. I was honored to have you come to my blog, but I am sorry I had no search bar. Here is the link to my Blog on Blobs
    I had forgotten that I have many scary movie links on that post. Oh and The Tubes playing "Attack of The 50 Ft Woman".

    I haven't had enough coffee. LOL

  7. Aaaww that's ok! Cool, will check it out!! Thanks! Hahha know what you mean, important to get that coffee in the morning and in enough amounts;)


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