Monday, February 14, 2011

Wishing You a Lovely Valentines

Either you're spending it with your loved one, good friends or family!! Quite bummed and Sorry to say that mine will be spent at work, as I couldn't get the night off. I sometimes have late hours as a hostess and of course I had to get it on exactly this night out of all, with no one to replace me! I tried... But we found a way. My sweet love will come and spend the eve with me here at work, so we can celebrate Valentines together:) It will be really nice and cozy, though I'm not sure how romantic spending the eve at the office can get.. But I guess it's like everything else in life; it is what you make it!

What is your plans for the evening? Do you have an exciting date, or maybe you prefer spending it alone, or stuck at work like me??;)






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