Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Winter is soon over, but after searching all winter I finally found the perfect winter coat! There it was, on Etsy of course. I love the full skirt, the vintage look and the cute bowtie detail in front.. *Sigh* Must have! It's a bit on the expensive side, but I think it's all worth it as it's tailored and seems to be good quality, which will last for many winters more.

The designer offers some slight changes on the coat, if desired. Like a different color on the lining of the coat, with a hood, without the bowtie, or a single row of buttons instead of double buttoned etc.. I love it the way it is, though I'm thinking a hood might be nice for those cold winter days.

The designer behind this wonderful coat is Tatyana Merenyuk, a talented designer originally from Kiev in Ukraine, now living in New York.. It seems that a lot of her inspiration comes from her childhood in Ukraine.. "From an early age she had a taste for dress up and fairytales that gave her quite the imagination", "Her mother would always dress her up in dresses that she made and pass them down from her sister, but no matter what she was wearing she always looked like a little doll".. Which you can tell on her designs today. She has some amazing fairytale like dresses, that I can only dream about wearing one day...




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