Sunday, February 6, 2011

Twisted Wine

Since I learned to appreciate wine, way back when I was 18 and living in Greece, I've slowly fallen more and more in love with the drink.. After many years and bottles I know what tastes I like and prefer and which ones to stay away from. But I have to add, I'm not someone who can go into a wine store and know exactly which wine to get, what wine taste like this and that and so forth. I'm dependent on shop assistants that know their way around the wine shelfs and the small labels on the shelfs that describes the wine.. I have to admit and I know it's like swearing in church for a wine lover, but most of the time I'll go for the nicer label and hope that the content is as good as the design;)

All these fantastic wine labels has been designed by Mash, an Australian based branding agency. I love how they play on the dark, mysterious and sometimes almost horror like designs.. I would probably, totally definitely have bought any of these auswines, just because of the awsome designs!!

What about you? Do you like me, partly chose wine from the labels, or maybe you have some more knowledge about the drink?


Killinbinbin, an Australian wine producer.. The labels on these wines are made to look like vintage horror movie flyers!

Wine from Australian Inkwell, with an ink splatter on the front.. What do you see?

Australian Return Of The Living Red, from the Redheads..

Formula and Concotion designs, from Small Gully in Australia.. I love the old chemist feel to the labels!

Brujeria, from Australian Misfits Wine Co.

Beautiful, dark design from Burn Cottage, New Zealand..

Black Magic, from Autralian Small Gully. With letterings scratched into the surface of the glass..

The Velvet Glove, from Australian Mollydooker. With a beautiful illustrated 1920's glove as a label..

Esule - To fall from grace..  An other wine from the Redheads.

Shinasestate_com_au 'The Guilty'


The Guilty, The Innocent and The Verdict.. All from Australian Shinas Estate.


  1. Wonderful! I need to share this video with you.
    My daughter and I broke down and bought a bottle to celebrate her move to Seattle. We had fun with it and my web cam. Showing and old friend that we were alive and well.
    I agree there are beautiful labels. In Seattle there is a vendor at the famous Pike Street Market who sells cheese servers that are made from ornate wine labeled bottles. She removes the labels carefully then melts the bottles flat. She reapplies the label and then coats it thickly with a transparent hard plastic. This link is similar to what she did:

  2. Takk for award!! :D Koselig! :)

    Og så mange fine vinflasker :) Ønsker meg vinkjeller jeg.. En støvete og kald en.. ;)

  3. My vintage smoker tobacco stamps are posted!
    come see!

  4. Mia: Ingen årsak, den var velfortjent!!;) ikke sant, vinkjeller hadde vært noe.. Helst av den mørke støvete sorten!

    Bluezy: Very nice collection you got there!! Love the old photos of the smoking stars.. Sounds like a good wine time, I tried to look at the vid but didn't get it to work. Might be the internet being slow. Will try it again tomorrow:)

    Also will have to check out the bottle plates! Love the glasses they make outta old glass bottles over there, such a good idea and pretty too! Might have to get some next time I'm in the states.. I checked how much it would be to send them, a bit too much to be worth it.


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