Sunday, March 20, 2011

Tuesday Thrift Treasures

Me and my love went on a little thrift shopping this week. I was lucky enough to get Tuesday off from work, since I worked double shift on Monday. I had to step in for my colleague that were sick.. We went to a big thriftstore on the other side of town, I've wanted to take my my man there for ages, but never got the finger out. Like with everything else, it seems like it takes some time from thinking about it, to actually doing so..

Nothing special that we really needed, but a few things that I wanted. Among those, I've wanted to change out the Marilyn Monroe lamp that I made many years ago. That is if my husband alouds me, he want us to keep Marilyn up.. We'll see, what happends.

Hanging upside down on the wall of one of the store owners, I found a cool 50's lamp! I also found some cute, grandma' looking shades way in the back. I had to climb over a small mountain of vintage to get to them. But it was all worth it! Some holes here and there and a bit discolored, but that's the charm;) Best of all, the lady said that she might have an other one for me, I'll be calling her back next week to see if she found it! Yay!!




I also found a few other goodies, that you can see below. A couple of clothes brushes, one which is in silver that I got a real good deal on. He didn't see the silver stamp before after. Also a couple of wine bottle openers from the 20's-30's:)



Some photos from one of the stores. It is all crammed from floor to roof with old war effects and quriosities! And going in there is allmost like visiting a war museum, without the signs that explain what everything is.. I love old uniforms, so I'm pretty much in heaven when there:)








  1. ooh I love the military store! so much stuff I would want there I am sure!

  2. Så mye kult. Lampa var kjempesøt, og klesbørsten og opptrekkerne likeså. Det er alltid gøy å finne sånne kupp :)

  3. Ooo the kind of place that you have to really dig around or you might miss it. Nice!

  4. I'm sure you would find plenty to buy, John;) They have a quite big selection of all sorts of war items.. I love going in there and just snoop around:)

    Tusen takk, Rakel:) Ikke sant, en herlig følelse når man finner noe kult til en billig penge!! Alltid like overrasket over at ingen har tatt det før meg.. Men vi liker kanskje ikke alle sammen det samme, godt er det;)

    It truely is, Bluezy! I usually get a bit dizzy walking around in there, trying to spot that one jewel, among all the other stuff.. It can be difficult to see how it will look like in a different surrounding, like at home sometimes. But that's half the fun! Treasure hunting on it's best:) Love it!!


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