Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Summery Creations

The last few weeks has brought promises of spring with it.. Today we even had thunder weather here in Oslo! That's something we haven't had for a while.. Also the birds has been singing and the sun has been peeking out for several days. Getting me in mood for spring and giving me some inspiration for more summery fascinators, with soft, happy colors and pretty flowers!

My latest fascinator, is the first one in my spring collection. I ordered up a whole load of yummi, summery spring flowers and will be ordering even more! I've been playing around with them this week, teaming them up into lovely little hairpieces.. Hopefully I'll have time to finish a few up before the end of this week. That way I should be able to show off some stuff to the girls on Los Lobos pretty soon.

All shown with a dotted, cream hat veiling that can be removed..





The two last two were done with more of an autumn feel to them, as that's what I had to work with.. But I think they can be worn any time of the year, just depending on what you wear!






I'm playing with the idea to add a needle behind the small fascinator with the yellow bird, so it can be used as a broche.. What do you think?


  1. Det hadde vært utrolig kult å kunne veksle mellom å bruke de i håret og som brosje, god idé!
    Du er kjempeflink, de er utrolig fine alle sammen :) Og små pipp-pippene ;)

  2. De er så fine, du er kjempeflink! :)

  3. Tusen takk, begge to!!;)

    Ja, tenkte det kunne være litt kult å kunne bruke de andre steder enn i håret også. Fant ut at den minste egentlig gjorde seg fint på cardiganen:) Takk for hjelpen, da tror jeg det blir nål i tillegg!

  4. Oh, så fine! :-D

    SV: Det kommer flere bilder ja, må bare komme litt mer på plass.. Blir nok en tur på Ikea snart håper jeg.
    Jeg har ikke fått noen mail? :-S


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