Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Hula-Ba-Luau by The Andrew Sisters

With the sun shining the allmost every day for the last few weeks now, bringing us one step closer to spring day, by day.. I can feel it tingeling in every limb of my body and I'm slowly waking up from a winter in hybernation!

With that, I'm bringing you some summery, jungle, Hawaii inspirered rythms, with The Andrew Sisters!! Don't you just love those little drums, they have on their hips? Have to get one for my summer outfit;)


  1. Yes they were, absolutely lovely!! It's so many great songs and videos with them:)

  2. Fun! Spring is on and off here as well. The grass is showing but still cold to the naked foot brrr...

  3. Sounds like here:) Sun is out, it's kinda warm in the sun, but not in the shade. And we still have spots of snow laying around here and there.. I would definitely no recommend going out bare foot yet;) The grass is finally showing here too! Thought about it today, when I came home from work. The grass was covered with snow only a few days ago! Want more sun, so the rest melts away now. I wanna BBQ and go to the park, I want summer!! Hhaha A "little" impatient:)


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