Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Pan's Labyrinth

If you haven't yet seen it, you should! Pan's Labyrinth is a wonderful and touching fairytale fantasy movie from 2006, written and directed Guillermo del Toro. It takes place around the post civil war in Spain, 1944. We meet Ofelia, a young girl who has a big love for fairytales. She moves to the countryside with her pregnant mom. To her sadistic stepfather, a spanish army officer and the father of the unborn child.

On the road to her stepfather, she find an insect. A big stick bug, which she's convinced is a fairy.. The fairy follows her to her new home. An old mill house in the forest, which is also the headquarters of the army and the captain. There is battles going on with the local gerilja, right up the mountain sides and the in the forest outside the area of the headquarters. But there's darker sides to the forest, than what you find on the battle field..

With the help of the fairy, Ofelia discovers an old, eerie looking labyrinth, on the premises of the old mill house. It takes her far down under ground, where she meets a faun.. He tells her she's the reborn princess Moanna of the underground world, but must prove her royalty by surviving three gruesome tasks. If she fails, she will never prove herself to be the the true princess and will never see her real father, the king, again.










  1. I agree it is a must see. Even subbed. It was a weird one, though, but I like weird. My 24 yr old daughter turned me on to this and the Ginger Snaps trilogy.

  2. I think it's veird in a wonderful way! Me too like veird, I often find the veird movies more interesting;) I'll have to check out the Ginger Snaps Trilogy:)


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