Tuesday, March 15, 2011

My Closet Skeletons

Those who know me, know I'm a huge sucker for high heels and stilettos.. So this shouldn't come as any surprise! I did a major clean up in my shoe closet the other day. It has been allmost impossible to close the door for a while and I knew I probably had shoes burried in there that I would never use again.. Time to dig'em out and get rid of them, no point keeping stuff I don't use.

Oh boy, did I have shoes! My prescious kept piling up, we were jumping over a growing mountain of shoes.. Luckely my man loves me, because this looked a bit insane. When they were all out of the dark, I counted 41 pairs of high heels! I ended up keeping 32 of them.. 8 of them which I got on my first trip to the US, 7 which I got during the last year and 4 that belonged to my beloved grandmother. With the 13 that's left, I declare myself insane in the moment of action!

Have you had a peek in your shoe closet lately? No telling what lost riches is lurking in the dark, dusty corners of the closet.. Take it from a shoeholic;)

Black beauties
Last time worn on New Years. Standing in a pond of water, trying to do some plumbing on the toilet..

Worn on my birthday last year. I tripped in a tram line, hurt my thumb and walked barefoot home!

Golden dreams

I got married in these! My favourite shoes, all worn down.. You can even see my toe prints in the varnish!

Bought in Las Vegas. Used for my domina costume for a play, on our kick off at work.. Office peep!

Drunk and bicycling, do not recommend! I fell and had to stitch them back together:/
Love red shoes

My NYC pair. They were working their magic on me from the shelf and still are! From the shelf..

Belonged to my grandma'! They remind me of my very first pair, which I got from her when I was around 6 years old..


  1. That's a very impressive collection!

  2. Ai caramba! Så mange.. så fine!

  3. Å kjære! Så mye lekkert! Hvilken størrelse er du? ;)

  4. Thanks, Dial V for Vintage!!:) It didn't seem like that many, before I started pulling them out of the closet though.. Hehe

    Takk, Mia og Rakel:) Har sko fra 39-41! 39 er egentlig litt smått, men måtte bare ha de.. Som de i gull, med gullfjærdusk! Tenkte at jeg kan i alle fall se på de:) Hahah ikke bare skoholiker, men kanskje en aning skofetish ute å går?

  5. KASTET DU SKO!? Da håper jeg di var ødelagt, man kaster jo ikke skor! ;)
    Fikk litt lyst å låne di hvite sandalett-ish skoerne, (grønn tå, er på et bilde nederst til høyre) har lyst på slike sjøl!

  6. Hhaha neida, slapp heeelt av;) Jeg kaster ingen sko, med mindre de er helt utgåtte og ubrukelige! Liker de grønne veldig godt selv, kjøpte de i NYC på et utsalg der.. Tror det er Miss Sixty, hvis jeg ikke husker feil:) Du får komme og låne en dag da vettu, men du får ikke lov til å stikke av med de! Hoho

  7. That's a lot of shoes. I love the Las Vegas shoes :D

  8. Thanks;) Love them too!! Just had to get those in all the three colors they had them in, talk about obsessed.. Hhaha


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