Sunday, March 6, 2011

Love Boat

Part from being in Copenhagen, we also had a wonderful time aboard the ship, on our anniversary trip this week! So good that we hardly slept the whole trip, we probably had around 8 hours of sleep all together, forth and back.. That's usually what I need for one day, or at least 6-7 hours to feel human. No need to say I was pretty tiered when we got back.. We both were. I was really happy I'd been forthseeing enough, to take the next day off!

These boat trips to Denmark is usually a bit like a human study.. There's so many different people aboard and you meet people you normally wouldn't meet back home. We're all stuck on the same boat, so naturally we end up talking and hanging out in the bar, with who ever is there. This time was no different, with everything from suits to industrial workers, a lubricant salesman, farmers and students.. We were quite an odd gang of people and 5 different nationalities:)

And of course of all places, my husband met a fellow american, who were preforming old country and rock music in the bar! Funny part was that he was from Las vegas, were we got married exactly two years ago:) Coincindence?










  1. Thanks, we had a really great time!!:)

  2. Pena! :)
    Apropos danskebåten så skal vi snart på tur vi og...det skal også bli en interessant menneskestudie ;)

  3. Takk;) Jaaaa, heldige!! Tenkte på det da vi var der, småsugen selv.. Hahha det blir det helt sikkert!!


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