Monday, October 25, 2010

Kindered Souls

My man went off to Sweden today on a work trip, so have the love nest all for myself till tomorrow.. Funny how I miss him allready, even though his just gonna be away for one day! I usually like spending some time alone, I do enjoy the feeling of freedom and reflief it gives me.. How it seems to charge my batteries. Usually I have to have some alone time, to avoid getting all crazy. But this is different with him, I've never experienced it with anyone else... I love spending my time with him! You know how it can feel a little overwhelming sometimes, when you been cooped up with the same person over some time. How some people seem to steel your energy and others boost it. His definitely a booster and a kindered soul! He gives off an energy that I find really soothing... Be safe my love <3

The (allmost) full moon over town this morning...

©Photos by Scary Mary

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