Friday, October 22, 2010

The Mad Hatteress...

I've been working on the design for a small hat fascinator to my costume for some days now, to give it that mad circus feel... I decided to give it a go late last night. As my man said, there's not really that much time left, I should really get started! Hahha I've just been focusing on this tutu skirt I'll be wearing, so many layers and i don't have a sewing machine.. Which means i need to do it all by hand. Yaiiiks!! Have to say it puts me off a bit:/ But I'll need it, so better get it done.. Today, or maybe tomorrow.... *Cough*

The hat project on the other hand was a joy to make!! I used a couple of hours on it and it really turned out great! I used a few different items I have laying around for my hats, fascinators and jewelery line, which will be started up soon. I'm really pleased with the design of it, and I think it will fit perfect with my costme this year..:) Can't wait!!

You see a few photos of my new hat fascinator below, what ya' think?

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