Friday, October 29, 2010

All Hollow's Eve Is closing In

You can tell by the numerous ghouls and monsters popping up around the house... We've been busy mad , little monster creators over the last few weeks! Last night we got most of the indoors props up, but we still have a few things left, believe it or not. Such a small place, should think it wouldn't take much time.. lol But it does! It has been pouring down the last few days, which makes it difficult to put up the props outside. They would just wash away in the rain, as their mostly made out of toilet paper and card board. I was hoping it would be dryer today, but it's still redicelously wet and rainy.. Hope for a better day tomorrow! If not, we'll have to rethink the whole outside area, which sucks... On the bright side, more props and gore inside;)

Unfinished, but getting there..

Heart on a bed of fingers, yum!

Part of our freak show troop...

©Photos by Scary Mary


  1. Everything looks great. I've been enjoying your posts all month.

  2. Thanks a lot, John;) Glad to hear!! If we should judge by the guests screams and worried faces, I think we did a good job with the freak show deco;) Hope you have a great Halloween!!


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