Tuesday, October 19, 2010

A Witch's Shopping List

After a relaxing day at home, it's time to hit the shops and get what I need for Halloween!Especially for my costume.. I fear that it can take some time to get it together! For now I'm being a little secretive about my costume, as my dear friend, sweet Miss Lindy Lee will be attending our Halloween Party this year. No fun if it's not kept secret.. But I promise to reveal it to you later on;) The shopping list is long and rather peculiar looking.. More like a witch's shopping list, or mad scientist's scribbles. I'm not sure if I'll be able to haunt down all the ingredients for the special night, but hopefully I'll have most of it when I return home....

Circus Fabric
Spell Book & Tarot Cards
Wire For Wings & Fabric
Crow Scull
Dog or Werewolf Mask
Circus Tickets
Black Velvet
Body Paint & Makeup

And any other gory item I can find on my way....
O well, time to go shopping!!
Tudelu darlins';)

Two lovely 50's Pinup Halloween Witches..

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