Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Name Change & Brushing Up

If you have been visiting me before, you can see that I've been brushing dust and changing up the old blog layout since last time to give it a cleaner look. The photo on the header has been changed out to match the name, and the profile picture along with it. The biggeste change of all is a totally new name and address for my blog! It was carefully concidered (for a looooong time), as I'm not sure how good of an idea it is to do so.. But I've been thinking about changing the name for a while now, I wanted a name on the blog which reflected what I was writing about, rather than a name I've been using online for a while. Exactly what VirgineMary was.. I think Scary Mary is a better name for the blog all over, concidering my love for the darker elements in life and what I'm blogging about. I had to make it, as that's what was available.. I added the "pinup and monster mash" to give visitors a quick idea. I'm really pleased with the change, hope that goes for you guys too;)

Scary Mary's in tha' house!!

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