Saturday, October 23, 2010

The Birth Of A Monster.. Tiny, The Clown Hound!!

Quite a bit of planning and stuff that we need for our costumes, creations and props every year. Lets just say we have a few skeletons in our closets and monsters on the attic, with a collection that's rapidly growing with every Halloween;) My man has a few new monsters under construction, for the freak show theme this year. The last one out is the mean, man eating Clown Hound, Tiny. A psycotic carnies best friend!! Not exactly the type that will fetch you sticks in the park and come when you vistle, or call it's name.. On the other hand, it will fetch you body parts. Violently ripped of from the unlucky souls, which happends to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. Or for those who try to sneek in to the carnival and not pay their admition ticket, or steel a little popcorn.. It's fathful to one person and one person only, but this person can only control it to a certain extent. The Clown Hound lives and feeds on the carnival grounds, lurking and waiting in the dark shaddows of the carni tents.. Waiting for that poor someone, to step away from the bright colored lights from the carnival and into the darkness... It sneeks up on it's prey with it's cute, clown like features. Anyone which comes in this vischous creatures way, most certainly will meet a painful death, as the sharp teeth dig into their soft flesh and rip their bodies appart... Moooohahahahahha!! Say hello to our new friend, Tiny the Clown Hound :o)

I think we got one of them.. Sneeky, sneeky, lying, cheeting!! Think they can come here... *muttermutter*

What you got there boy..?

Tiny, the Clown Hound..

© Photos by Scary Mary

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