Thursday, October 21, 2010

Ghastly Ghost Tour

We got our early Christmas present from sis yesterday eve, and what a horrific surprise!! A ghost tour in the oldest parts of Oslo:) Allmost two hours around the old fortress by the water front and the buildings surrounding it. It was a freezing cold, but beautiful atumn night.. The silouette of the old buildings and the fortress against a clear, dark blue sky. Sprinkled with stars and the moon to light up the scenerie... The perfect back drop for ghost stories..

The guide had some ghastly stories to tell about the former residents and the life here, and also some historic facts which we wasn't avare of. Guess they'r skipping all the gory, good parts in school. Like that Oslo used to be a free port for pirates! They came here to hide, with their stolen treasures.. Wonderful! Heads were rolling under the executioners ax at the old town square, for those who had comitted man slaughter. Of course open for the public to watch during their Sunday picnic.. "Could you pass me the roast beef, honey"? B.f. kabel Tv.. Staked heads put up outside the old children scool, to scare them from choosing a criminal life. Guess someone thought it was a splendid idea. Probably worked wonders.. Maybe an idea for todays school system? Under the motto; everything was better in the good, ol' days! Haha Massgrave of soldiers right under Grims Grenka Hotel, all from a rather bloody battle during the 1500 century, if I remember correctly. The skeletons has been removed and burried on christian grounds, but the hotel is still being haunted.. Stories of a grumpy nazi officer, haunting The Dubliner Pub. Which used to be the visa head quarter for the third reich. Very nice old, irish pub I have to add, don't look much like any nazi head quarter anymore;) And a black dog which were burried inside the construction of the Fortress to bring good luck..Yes, good idea! Guess it's pissed off and is still haunting the grounds, old stories says that it actually bites. While people that has seen it recently says it's acting rather friendly. From the old days, people gave the haunting dog the name, Malcanisen which means the evil dog in latin.. Say no more.

We learned about these ghosts and many, many more during the tour. I really loved the whole tour and the guide were really good at telling the stories.. A small adventure in the night and an inspiration, left with wanting to know more. What can I say, my sister knows me too well!!

After all the chilling stories about revenging ghosts, bloody battles and executions, and nearly freezing our toes blue in the cold, autumn weather. We found our way to The Whiskey Bar next to The Dubliner. Such a cozy, little bar with an impressive selection of whiskey and a nice, warm fireplace with grandpa' chairs surrounding it... I usually don't have whiskey, but it came quite natural with the whole feel of the place. Have to go back there, the whiskey was actually nice! Not sure if it was the cold night and the ghosts that made the difference, guess we'll find out;)

Ps: I've added some photos from an other night at the fortress, Oslo Culture Night... Were we had a ghost tour inside the fortress:)

Oslo by night.. Taken from a very old sailing boat...

The old fortress and the city in the background...

The old fortress, Akershus. Mirrored in the dark, oil like sea...

Real knights armour from the fortress

Three soldiers in uniforms true to the ones that were used in the 1700
The Dubliner Pub

Whiskey... Photo of  Mr. Greenjeans'

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