Monday, October 11, 2010

Freaky Arrival...

Yeeeaaahhiiii!!! The props has arrived, Christmas and birthday at the same time!! Unwrapping the gory goods is just as exciting every year..:) Like last year, we got our props from Halloween Asylum. Good prices and a much better assortment than we find in the stores here! Since we're doing the Freak Show this year, we will be doing a circus themed decoration. We will be reusing old props, making what ever we can and search the shops till we get that right feel to our place;) I've been shopping some cool, reproduced, vintage circus posters from Ebay, for the walls in the hallway and outside. I also found some vintage looking popcorn bags, so everyone can have their own lil' pop corn bag of horror.. I'm planning to mix in a few "chopped of "surprises... But before you reach for that popcorn people, a gentle warning from me; watch ya sticky, little fingers..!!

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