Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Tutu Skirt From Hell

After hours of sewing I finally got my costume together late last night... I fought and won, the battle over the tutu skirt! Though there were times i questioned that I ever would.. I know it sounds dramatic, but that's how it felt. lol The slippery material sticking together at all the wrong places, the 3meters/118inches long layers sliding away from each other and doing everything to anoy me. Not very patient I must admit, that must have went out the door with my ex.. I solved the slippery, sticking together problem by laying two heavy books on each side of the material, with a smaller area in the middle that I could sew. Then I moved it along as I got further down.. Worked wonders! A lot of swearing and cursing later I had made my first tutu, and without a sewing machine:)

Added some photos from the making of the costume.. (Huge spoiler allert, close your eyes Miss Lindy Lee and other guests to our humble Halloween soiree)...

Me working on the feather trimmed part of the costume...

Lovely feather trim found on Etsy

Where's a sewing machine when you need one..

Just look at the length of this thing..

Way! I made it!!

Tutu skirt, feather trimmed skirt on velvet ribbon and my precious, self designed hat;)

©Photos by Scary Mary


  1. ooh myyy! så avundsjuk på den hatten, jaaa! Du får visa mig en dag, vill oxå göra hattar. Vart hittade du material till den? Köpte du den svarta hatten färdig eller köpte du material till den med? wohoo!

  2. wicked project! looks amazing.

  3. Thanks a lot, girls!! You'r so sweet:) It was quite a project indeed.. But so fun to make something of my own I think, rather then buying a costume! Sweet Miss Lindy Lee, I used a ready hat base. Then I decorated it with were my imagination took me;) You can find materials in arts and craft stores and like..


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