Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Fatal Beer Fiest

Saturday night was spent with friends and family at a small beer festival in Oslo! It's a few fellows with passion for beer who started it. Every year they gather friends and friends of friends for an annual beer festival, Fatal Fatøls Høstfestival (Fatal Barrel Beer Autumn Festival). The beer festival is held in a small, old, cozy, wooden house in the down town area, which makes such a nice backdrop for the festival.. As a quirky little thing, they have old Monty Python movies running in the back ground the whole night. All the beer is home brewed by the guys themself and made on different ingredients. It's everything from blonde to the darkest ale, something for everyone. All of them rather strong on the alcohol prosent and really tasty! Dangerous. Though I have to say the darkest one isn't for the faint at heart, or the ones with a passion for the lighter beer types, like me.. But it's quite an experience to go through the different variations of beer that they've got, all so well made! It's about 15$ for the entrance, drink as much as you can. No need to say the beer were floating and there were a bunch of jolly happy people walking around... On the third beer I was ready to dance on the table;) Hahha

“Drinking beer doesn't make you fat, It makes you lean....
Against bars, tables, chairs, and poles”

Someone had pulled out the Tirol hat for the occasion;)

She was a doll for beer...

Happy beer ghouls;)

A couple of the beer brewing guys

Jolly happy people:)

Much later the same night..

©Photos by Scary Mary

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