Monday, November 29, 2010

Snow Creature

I spotted the cutest, little snow creature on the way home yesterday! Left all by itself in the cold, harsh, winter night on someones light post.. A strange motherly feeling towards the little pile of snow balls came upon me, with a sudden urge to grab it and slip it into my pocket to take it home.. Mmm allmost like that cute, little, abanded puppy we found on Crete this summer, which I didn't want to leave, but my better half had to pull me away from. Hah! I had allmost forgot that.. *muttermutter*

Take me home...


  1. SV: Så du var der du også! :D Gøy gøy! Tusen takk! Og ja, send gjerne bilder, det hadde vært kjempekos! du kan sende på " miargj (a) "

  2. I know, isn't it the cutest!! Made to melt hearts..:)


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