Monday, November 1, 2010

More Holiday & Some Haunted Dinner Plates, Please...

Back at work after two weeks off:/ I shouldn't complain, but I can't help from feeling a bit veird about being here, among the "normal" people, not being surrounded by monsters and undead.. A bit like a deflated balloon, needing some air. Wishing I could take a couple more days off,  just to wind down a bit after the whole Halloween crafting and making, been so concentrated on it for weeks now.. In need of some time walking in the park among the beautiful colors, having coffees at small, cozy coffee shops and maybe visiting an antique market or two, to search for goodies:) We're in desperate need of some new dinner plates, as our kitchen shelf fell down, with a great, big smash a couple of months ago.. We still haven't had time to replace them and are eating out of our plastic picnic wear.. lol Being a bit tiered of the plastic feel to every dinner, I desperately asked mom to buy some at a flee marked she went to on Friday. Luckily she found three lovely, vintage plates for us! They will do for now, till I have time for some searching of my own;) Which reminds me, I found some really cool ones I would love to get, from BeatUpCreations on Etsy. Looks like their doing custom orders too, even more awsome with a whole collection of my favourite monsters! They would fit right into the whole cozy, Halloween-all-year-around feel that we have going in our wee nest;) ahaha Or like I like to say; Moooooahhahahaha!!

Frankenstein on a bed of roses

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