Monday, November 22, 2010

Concert On Caven

Still recovering from an other awsome night with great people and fantastic Rockabilly music, at Caven Rock'n'Roll Club!! Caven is a private rock club and club house, founded by the Razorbacks in 1989. The club house is located in a bomb shelter in the mountain, close to down town Oslo. Funny how silent it is from the outside, with no visible signs of any club really. Maybe except from a smoker or two.. Anyone passing by probably think it's nothing there. I would say it's one of these places you have to know about.. Stepping inside the huge iron doors that's bolted to the mountain, life, music and laughter hits you in strong contrast to the silence outside. Fantastic people, cheap beer and Rockabilly music! What more to ask for, all ingredients for a great party!! Best of all is around three o'clock, when the ashrays hits the tables, people loosen up and the "afterparty" starts. Then it's open till there's no more beer and the last person stumbles out the heavy doorway. To quote a friend "Caven is magic".. Couldn't agree more;)

It's allways fun at Caven, Saturday was no exception;) Toni & The Tomcats rocked the socks of everyone, then more awsome music from the DJ after the band! While my husband danced all night, I concentrated on being social, snapping photos, smoking my party smokes (which I can hear on my new, sexy voice today) and drinking, then came strong out on the dance floor at the end:) haha

Me & my man

Toini & The Tomcats

The as allways lovely, Miss Lindy Lee..

Fantastic, sweet bartender;)

Hall of smokers

Who said size matters?

Husband & sweet Mia dancing the night away

Pose for me..

Later on that night...

©Photos by Scary Mary


  1. hihi sååå gøy kjære! flott å se litt bilder så man husker kvelden hahahha!

  2. Hahha ikke sant;) Jeg har tatt meg av dokumentasjonen av kvelden, no worries!! Skal sende deg de når jeg får rotet meg til det:)


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