Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Devious Kitchen Decor

I finally had some time to look through my photos this morning and selected a few showing our eerie kitchen decor for Halloween this year.. The photos was taken the day after the Halloween party, as I was way too busy with makeup and costume before the party to even think about taking photos. In fact I had forgotten all about it till late Sunday night.. Then we had allready taken down a few props in order to get to our kitchen utensils out, so we could get something else than severed fingers and knuckles on the menu! Hahha

I decided to reuse some ideas that I liked from last years Halloween kitchen and mix in a few new ones. We had kept all the jars and bottles that we made last year, with the awsome labels from Love Manor. I really love those labels and all the wonderful little details on them! They were once again put up on display on our kitchen shelfs and through out the appartment. I also added a few details to get the right circus or freak show feel.. Rather cozy you ask me;)

There will come more photos soon! Till then, enjoy the tour of our eerie looking kitchen...

Crow picking on bones, keeping watch from one of our top shelfs..

Fingerfries, jar with human flesh, earth worms and coffee... Tea anyone?

 Our freak show kitchen pet and old Bob, watching over our precious tea and coffee..

Ay there! What ya looking at?! Shrunken sculls peeping out from the pasta box..

Motion started hand in a lab jar.. Splishing around to spooky sounds:)

It kept freaking the guests out all night!

An annoying dinner guest we had to get rid off..

A severed finger for your drink, sir?

Part of the kitchen got moved out into the hallway, to get more space for the creepy stuff, guests and posters:) Living in small spaces, you find your self moving things around, not really sure where to put it.. Good thing we have some space out there!

©Photos by Scary Mary


  1. You should just keep the kitchen like that all year. I should too. *sigh* We need second homes to keep haunted year round.

  2. I knoooow:) That was the conclusion at the party as well, why not just keep it like this all year round! Mmmmm sadly my other half had taken it all down when I came home yesterday, wasn't sure if I should cry or pat him and say "well done".. After all he did a tremendous job cleaning up the place! Mmmm but miss my gory decor though.. Maybe I should sneek up on the attic and pull some of it out again:)


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