Sunday, November 7, 2010

Tour of Dead Bob's Circus of Freaks

After a really busy week, with late double shifts every day and a great birthday party with costumes on Friday. Which maybe was a bit too fun, as I spent all yesterday in the sofa in fetus position.. Craving water, coffee, food, cake, chips, more water, left over candy from Halloween and anything else I could get my paws on.. I've finally been able to go through my Halloween photos. And I'm ready to give you a small tour of the freak show...

Sadly no one thought of taking any photos of the toilet this year. My love made a huge, creepy looking, human spider. Which we installed in a big spider web, hanging over the toilet. Next to him we hang up one of these talking sculls, rambling on about "you're in a very scary", Hey you", "I'm watching you" and so on.. In the background of this insanity, I had installed a cd player with haunted Halloween sounds... When your guests don't want to go alone to the toilet, you know you did a good job! lol

My man pulled out the whiskey and some African Wild Cream, the party exploded like a bundle of firework and it all got quite wild! People wrestling on the floor and crawling around playing undead.. Props being pulled down and worn.. Bearded lady with a feather mustache, hers got lost in the wrestling with the chained ghoul.. One of our guests told me that on one point of the night she'd been in the toilet hangover and sick, worshipping the toilet God, while the talking scull was going off, on and on and on.... With having no idea how to turn it off. Talk about being damned!

It all went on very intense, before it suddenly collapsed. People got tiered and fell asleep, or went home.. I found myself alone, bright awake, with my sleeping man and sister in the sofa. With nothing else to do, partying on by myself, playing my Halloween music, drinking beer, an enormous amount of coffee and watching the passed out zombies.. Hah!! Maybe I should invite some real zombies next time, I'm sure they last the night out...

All cozy and nice..

Getting the buffet of severed fingers and heart out..

Dinner's served

That learned her not to stick her fingers into other peoples business..

Small pets of the house

Some late guest of the carni was unlucky enough to "stumble" right into the snakenest..


Tsk, tsk! Poor souls, starved to death. They didn't seem to have much of an appetite..

Bert, the human spider..

He got all wrapped up in the bearded lady.. Cut up, packed away and chained down in an old suitcase:)

Flying bat in carni lights

Little did he know when he arrived the carni, that he would end his life being the wind chime..

Circus of Horrors..

The question is not; what is the future.. Are you sure there is a future?

Dead end... Don't say you didn't get warned..

Now.. Are you sure you wanna ring the doorbell..?

©Photos by Scary Mary

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