Sunday, November 7, 2010

The Walking Dead

A show based on the popular comic book series by Robert Kirkman. And of course, it had it's premier on Halloween! The story is about the officer Rick Grimes, from a small town in Georgia. He wakes up on the hospital, after being gunned down in the line of duty.. The flowers next to his bed is dead, there's no nurses to ring on.. As he makes his way out of the hospital bed and out to the corridor, a scene of total chaos, blood trails, dead , severed bodies and signs of battle meets him.. Soon he find himself in a world which has been turned upside down and into a living nightmare! The town people has been turned into Zombies, with only one thing on their mind.. Human flesh! Just to make the nightmare complete, he makes his way home, where he find his home empty and abandoned. There's no signs of his family. He ventures out to try to find his wife and boy, into the hostile new world which lays ahead...

I finally got to see the first episode of The Walking Dead this week, a few days later than the premier.. It was well worth the wait, it didn't disappoint and lived up to my expectations! It really kept me on edge the whole time and soon found myself hiding behind my fingers, screaming up and telling Rick to walk the other way and so on.. A bit engaged I guess you can say;) Hahha Now I can't wait for the rest to come! When I spotted a review and the trailer of it on IMDb, a few weeks before Halloween, I knew I had to see it. Just enough gore and zombies to make a great show;) Hopefully the rest of the episodes is as good as the first one...

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