Friday, November 19, 2010

Makeup For The Crow...

Further down you find the tutorial I used for the eye makeup to my Crow Woman costume.. I changed it up a bit and made a black doll/geisha mouth with red center, instead of just black lips. I think it worked well with the whole circus/freak show theme.. I also had planned to make cuts out on both sides of my mouth, blood dripping from the wounds like on the tutorial on the bottom.. But didn't get the time for it, the eyes took much longer than I thought it would.. Doesn't it allways? lol Allways think I have so much time, but end up stressing through makeup and costume at the end...

I used clown powder in my face to get an even white surface, worked really well! Much better than the white creams you get in the costume stores for Halloween.. I've even used the powder afterwards, when I dressed up for the birthday costume party a couple of weeks ago. I found it to be really versatile and can be used for several looks. Just add as much or little whiteness as you want;)

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