Thursday, November 11, 2010

Then The Snow Came...

Having the day off here today, can't even start to explain how wonderful it feels! It was needed, even after a long sleep I still felt tiered, and now after an extremely lazy morning and a long warm shower I start to feel like the good ol' me... I've been spending more time on work than at home over the last couple of weeks, guess that explains why I feel like all energy has left me. Also the change of weather and daylight wears me out and makes me feel tiered.. It's getting so cold, it seems like it's allways hard to get used to. With it snowing most of the day here yesterday, we had the first day with a steady snowfall down town this autumn, or should I say winter? Without really staying or making it white though.. I was forced to put my bicycle away for the winter. Very unwillingly and sad had to accept the fact that it's getting too cold to ride it, after I nearly had to be broken out of position after an ice cold ride to work on Tuesday! Road was icy, tears was floating and nails popping.. Hahha I swear I had an disfunctional brain for half an hour after the ride... It's such a great way to get to work though, fast and easy. Except the fact that you allways have a bunch of crazy car drivers gone wild out there, so you really need to watch out not to end up as next years Halloween prop..! But it doesn't change a thing, I'll still miss my bicycle and riding around town...

Electra by Rory Kurtz

By Amirali Gorgan

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