Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Bat Boy Tea & More Treasures

The other week I received my bat boy mug and the treasures that I ordered with it! Bat boy is now resting on our liquor shelf, till I have time to find him a better home. I have not had the pleasure of drinking out of him, yet.. But just made myself a cup of tea in him. Mmmmmm!! I say bat boy rule, if you ever come over a bat boy your self, don't hesitate;)

Hello, I'm Bat Boy...

Tiki mugs for coctails at home

50's metal lunch box to store my craft stuff in

A Jesus to watch over our hot pots and pans:)


  1. VERY nice scores :) I particularly approve of the tiki figures. The lunch box might also be a nice device to display items in. I use an old black leather men's grooming case for some of my treasures.

  2. Thanks!! I thought I was rather lucky finding these, and all from the same store:) Sounds awsome with an old men's grooming case displaying your treasures, nice way to show them off! Good idea, maybe I should try someting like that with the lunch box:)


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