Monday, November 15, 2010

Spook Up Your Home

What an easy way to spook up your surroundings!! Either you live in a small appartment in town, or a haunted castle on the edge of a cliff;) I found these spooktacular vinyl art stickers and metal signs in an other dark shop on Etsy, Pillbox Design. With fascination for horror movies, pinups, tattoo art and obscure quotes, they promise to take your home or office into another realm of reality.. Sounds good to me;) The designs comes in a varation of colors and sizes, ready to apply to anywhere you would want one. It be your wall, car, laptop, fridge or where your imagination takes you! You'll find these devious designs and many more in their fine shop on Etsy...

Nosferatu, reaching out...

Makes any room in your house look like a murder scene..

What about a headless horseman sticker?

Get your own classic hearse car

Small, but spooked detail for the car..

Ever wanted a badass stuntman Mike car..?

The message should be pretty clear..

Zombies walking..

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