Monday, November 1, 2010

Ghouls & Boys Of The Freak Show...

I promised you some photos from this years Halloween costumes, props and decoration! The photos was downloaded this morning, but haven't had time to get them sorted yet..  As I'm working late both today, tomorrow and probably Wednesday too, I won't be able to post them before in a couple of days. But I promise they will be posted as soon as I can during this week, so keep checking in! In the meanwhile, some photos of the costumes, from our freak show party and some of our lovely guests this year;)

For those of you who wondered about my costume, and Godzilla knows I been quite secret about it.. Not sure how I made it without telling;) Haha I can finally reveal that I went as a crow woman! I'll be back with some more pics of the crow, costumes, makeup, the haunt and props!!

Crow Woman striking a pose

The ringmaster snacksing on severed fingers.. Yumyum!!

The spooky ghoul from "The Ring", haunting our popcorn bowl:)

Better with a finger in tha ear... O, she loves to be tickled!

No freak show without a bearded lady..

More spooktacular outfits!! Undead circus and sailor girl.. Miss Lindy Lee as a sexy rexy puppet, with her circus man by her side;)

©Photos by Scary Mary

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