Monday, November 29, 2010

I Can Mash Potatoe ~ I Can Do The Twist

The Thanksgiving dinner was a success, we had a really wonderful time with the family! Everyone greeted the new tradition and agreed that it should be a yearly event. The american dishes is a nice change from our traditional Christmas food, that gets served everywhere around this time. Part from turkey, which we have every Christmas eve in my family. Just a little different than you would make it for Thanksgiving..

Seems like deviled eggs is the new favourite around here, since my love made it for the Christmas dinner last year. To moms horror! Hahah That was till she tried them.. Now it seems she can't get enough.

I left the table with a feeling that can only be described with two words, Christmas eve! I ate way too much of the yummi food.. By the time the dessert rolled in, it felt like my tummy was about to explode!! And yes, I think I'm still full from yesterday.

Sadly we didn't get to try the Marilyn stuffing, mom picked up some recipe online for stuffing.. The hope is for next year;)

Mashing potatoes and getting ready to get the family americanized

Deviled eggs, among the goodies on the table!

Yummi peacan pie and banana pudding....


  1. I would like to taste the Devilized Eggs... sounds sinfully delicious ^^,

    it's not so bad to be Americanized, right?? hehehe...


  2. They are really wonderful!!;) You can find many nice recipes online, if you wanna give it a go! But I guess I should do a post with my husbands recipe:P

    Not bad being americanized!! We try to take the best from both worlds and melt it into something even better:)

    Hugs back!


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