Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Sensual Doll's by Beatrice Morabito..

Beatrice Morabito is a female artist born in Italy, currently working in Genoa, Italy. I've wanted to make a post about her for a very long time, but never came around to it. Maybe because she's such a favourite, her art truly touches a special string in my heart.. I've been in love with her stunning photos of the Sybarites since the first day I layed eyes on them. Like she's been swinging some magic wand over them and have cast a spell, she has given the dolls life through her beautiful and expressive photos. Powerful, silent yet screaming at you with their emotional messages, mirroring different aspects of life and society it self...

I hope the page won't be a pain to load, but I couldn't stop when I added photos of the lovely dolls, and there's even still more that I would like to add... Obsessed? Haha

"I’m not a “Puppet Maker”... I didn’t “materially” create these Dolls but, as Leopold Von Sacher Masoch didn’t “materially” make the woman and the fur but Created The Venus In Fur and all the emotions linked to this archetipo, by a cetain point of view I created these Dolls. I created these dolls in the way you’re seeing them. I created them in the way your’re appreciating them. So, the Dolls you’re seeing aren’t the Dolls themselves but the Dolls created by my eyes, my mind, my hands"…

"My Own Purpose is to express my Creativity, my Feelings, my Moods though the photographies that I take, and in this case photographies of Dolls. My Own Purpose is to reach Pleasure. My Own Purpose is to express my Own form of Art. I always take inspiration from the inner World: the World of Inconscious"....

~ Beatrice Morabito

Old Love

Chelsea Hotel NYC

Miss Merrit (Silent Before The Jury)

One Night Only

Identity Mirror

Love Can Be Like Bondage

That's All Wolf's

Spara Che Ti Passa

Perturbante II



Blade Runner


Rosie Roberts.. ("In spite of all the money he had, I'd see my lover that night " E.L. Masters)

Edita In Her Wonderful Lost World 

Red Thoughts

Your In My Hands Tonight

Pearls And Dreams

Pauline Barrett Cruel Fanfare

Scalpel's Blades


La Notte

Le Grand Adieu

All Photos By Beatrice Morabito

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